Maple Equipment Rentals: Canning Unit

We offer a 15 gallon propane canning unit with an automatic filling/stopping function.  This ensures a constant volume in each unit that you are filling.  This unit will pay for itself for a producer with as few as 100 taps by saving the small amounts that containers are usually overfilled with you'll have more syrup to sell.

Free delivery within two hours of our farm.

Maple Syrup canning unit.
Maple Syrup canning unit.

Two week rental is $250, not including delivery outside two hours from our farm.

When using manual packing methods, containers can include a few extra ounces in every container they pack.  Even just a half ounce per container adds up to missed sales.  That's why you need a canning unit with automatic shut off.  A producer who makes as little as 100 gallons can save money by being able to sell additional containers of syrup.  The more you produce, the more you'll be able to save.

This 15 gallon canning unit will allow you to pack up to 30 gallons of syrup an hour so even producers with as much as 2,000 gallons will be able to accurately pack their syrup in the two week rental.  In the process, you'll be able to sell an additional 125-180 quarts of syrup.  Based on today's prices, you can't afford not to rent one!

Call us at 1-855-MAPLE01 (855-627-5301) or use the contact us form to check on availability or to reserve a unit.