Quart of Real Maple Syrup

A quart of Real Maple Syrup shipped directly from our farm to you!  It takes over 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup and we do it the old fashioned way - over a fire on stainless steel equipment made especially for maple syrup production to ensure the best product.

Syrup can only be made during a short period of time and like wine, its flavor can vary from season to season and region to region unless it is blended.  We feel that you will find our syrup to be among the best tasting available.

We typically ship "Grade B" syrup because most customers prefer it because of it's rich robust flavor but we can also send "Grade A" Dark Amber is desired.  Please let us know which you prefer!

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Brand: Balsam Woods Farm
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Price: $15.00

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