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Hop Cakes is brewed with maple syrup
Hop Cakes from Noda Brewing is brewed with maple syrup

Brewing Beer with Maple Syrup

Maple syrup isn’t just for breakfast!  Beers brewed with maple syrup are consistently award winning and customer favorites Are you a beer brewer or a distiller looking for a unique brew?  Maple syrup could be that distinctive flavor that you are looking for.  Balsam Woods Farm is a proud member of the Brewers Association and specializes in working with breweries and distilleries across the country to supply bulk quantities of superior American maple syrup for brewing and distilling batches of unique tasting brews and drinks.

Bulk Maple Syrup for Breweries

We are the only bulk seller of maple syrup specializing in working with brewers and distillers.  Don’t be just another customer!  Work directly with the owner and producer and source your bulk maple syrup directly from the farm and skip the middle man!

Buy Farm Direct American non-blended Syrup!

While most packers supply maple syrup from Canada and blend it with multiple farms syrup or even inferior late season off-flavor syrup, we do not.  We supply bulk maple syrup from American sources.  Our syrup is farm direct from the U.S. – no blending!

Maple syrup is like wine. Each seasons syrup, each farms syrup is unique. To save money, other bulk maple syrup suppliers will blend the syrup from multiple farms and seasons and deliver a flat syrup. They will even blend in inferior “buddy syrup” that has an off-flavor in small enough quantities but because they can buy it for pennies on the dollar it helps lower the cost and increase their profits.

Syrup that we supply

We supply real maple syrup that is farm direct and never blended. The syrup that we deliver results in award winning beers that newspapers write stories about because it’s that good.

Available Bulk Containers

We can supply 30 or 55 gallon drums in just about any quantity to meet your project.  You will receive dedicated attention to make sure that your maple syrup arrives just in time to produce your batch to save on storage.  If you require larger quantities like IBC containers, we can also supply those.

If you are already producing a product with maple syrup or would like to explore options, email us to obtain a quote.