Maple use in Restaurants

Maple SyrupAre you looking for restaurants that serve real maple syrup?  Click here to use our real maple syrup restaurant locator.

When you add Real Maple Products to your restaurants already successful line-up, you are adding an extra layer upon which to build your success.  Many maple products can be added to your existing products to add value or be an additional value-added offering.

Consider the following:

  • A gallon of maple syrup contains 128 ounces
  • If you sold a 2oz serving for $2, you would make $128
  • That gallon costs you as little as $42 when you buy in bulk – over 200% profit!

If you use maple sugar in place of cane sugar, you increase the value of your product with an instantly recognizable product.  This further increases your profitability.

We work with many restaurants and caterers who use our maple products and we would welcome an opportunity to work with you.  Contact us today and we’ll let you know how we can help your bottom-line, including supplying you with everything that you need to add maple products to your existing line-up.