Rare 1944 War Department World War II D-Day Map

This is a reprint of a rare 1944 War Department D-Day map.1944 War Department D-Day map


Not only does Balsam Woods Farm have real maple products but in our spare time we also are map collectors.  This is a reprint of a rare 1944 War Department D-Day map.  This is a 22″x28″ reprint of a map giving troops a briefing of their landing area at Normandy on D-Day. This poster is suitable for framing and will be a topic for discussion. This is a great piece for someone who is a collector of history or has a relative that fought in the war. That does show some wear but that just adds to it’s allure. If you want an unusual map to hang in your home or office that is surely to be a centerpiece, this is it! This map features a unique south to north orientation and has notes about battle positioning and how to avoid the enemy. This is a very unique and rare D-Day map not offered before! This is a carefully scanned image is from our private collection and has never been offered before. The 22″x28″ map is individually printed for you to ensure the highest quality and is suitable for framing.  GTIN: 195893078257

1944 War Department D-Day map